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High Holiday Mini Series

High Holiday Mini Series


High Holidays Educational Series - Student Textbook:

Due to popular demand, we are happy to offer a special mini Student Textbook* for the 3 classes of the High Holiday Series:

all classes take place at Chabad:
83 Pine Street Unit E
Peabody, MA 01960

Class 9
Rosh Hashana Lecture:
Children, Health, and Wealth - Wednesday, August 28th

Why Bother G‑d with Our Personal Requests?
Why do we pray? To connect with G‑d, or to ask for our needs? This lesson offers a revolutionary approach to the function of prayer, and explains why we concern G‑d with even our mundane requests.


Class 10

Yom Kippur Lecture:
More Than
Perfect - Wednesday, September 11th
When Effort Trumps Perfection
What's more important: arriving at the finish line, or endeavoring to get there? This lesson offers powerful insights into why Judaism prefers the struggles of the less-than-perfect over the flawless score of the naturally talented.


Class 11
Sukkot Lecture:
Connecting -
Tuesday, September 17
The Four Kinds and Their Lessons for Life
What lies in the way of materializing our dreams and ambitions? How do we overcome these obstacles? In this session, we examine the symbolism of the lulav and etrog, providing a powerful insight into how to succeed at life.

*those who registered for Season four need not re-register

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